Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lazy, lazy, lazy.

Once again I've failed to follow through. Today's the last day of my Spring Half-assed-Bake, and I've got no intentions to bake anything today.

Today's a wonderful day of homework. I've read The Subtle Knife for my Young Adult Literature class and need to write a short paper on it. I'm reading through a terrible Art History article and need to write a short paper on that as well. Really. Terrible.

But I encourage everyone to read the His Dark Materials trilogy. Philip Pullman is brilliant.

Here are three lazy recipes to get you through your "moments." For me, their more like common place meals.

Baked Potato Soup:
Olive Oil
Your favorite plant milk
Vegan Ranch powder packet
Nutritional yeast
An onion, if you're feeling fancy
Vegan cheddar cheese, if you want it
Salt & Pepper

Optional toppings:
Vegan bacon
Vegan sour cream
Vegan cheese
chopped scallions

If using an onion, sautee it in some oil. Once they're soft, make a roux. You may want to add more oil.
If you're not using an onion, make a roux with the flour and oil. How much you use depends on how thick you want your soup. I don't measure this. Cook it until it's fragrant and coloring.

Add milk and let it cook. Don't let it boil or it will burn on the bottom. If it's too thick or too thin, adjust accordingly.

Pierce your potatoes with a fork and microwave them until tender. Let them cool while you adjust the seasonings of the base.

Add salt, some nutritional yeast, and a lot of pepper. Add the Vegan Ranch packet and any other seasonings you'd like. I don't recommend garlic powder.

Chop the potatoes and add them. Add the vegan cheese if you want and stir it until it's mixed. If it isn't thick enough for you by now, stir some cornstarch into cold water and mix it in.

Serve with plain or with toppings. Vegan King's Hawaiian bread is good with it, though I wouldn't recommend the whole wheat version for it. It's a thick soup.

Lazy "Beef" Stew:
Olive oil
frozen mixed vegetables (or just peas)
Vegan "beef" (I use Gardein)
Dried Marjoram
Dried Thyme
No-Beef Broth

Sautee the carrots and celery until soft
Make a roux (may need more oil)
Add the broth and spices
Cook until thick and tender
Microwave the potatoes, chop, and add
Add the frozen veggies
Panfry the "beef" and mix into the stew

It's amazing. Make sure you use a good No-beef broth. I like the Better than Boullion. I like to serve it with biscuits.

Cabbage & Noodles

Small-Medium sized pasta (bowties, macaroni...)
Earth Balance
Olive Oil
Optional: onion

Shred the cabbage and sautee in olive oil until tender. Can also cook unti lit's browning and super soft.
Boil the noodles and add when the cabbage is done
Add a little Earth Balance and stir.

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